Diamond Resorts International®

Red Flags

Diamond Resorts urges members and owners to exercise caution when they receive unsolicited emails, text messages or phone calls from an unknown company offering a guaranteed exit from their ownership.

The scams committed by these fraudulent third-party resellers often include one, if not more, of the following claims. These are red flags that should alert members and owners that they are not communicating with a legitimate third-party reseller:

Exit icon

You are guaranteed a way to exit and told they work with Diamond Resorts on your behalf.
Money icon

You are asked to pay money or fees upfront for any timeshare exit or timeshare resale service.

Computer icon

You are asked to share your account or login information.

Talk icon

You are told to not communi­cate with Diamond Resorts about your ownership.

Badge icon

The third-party reseller claims to be affiliated with Diamond Resorts.